Up On NoiseTrade!

“Hunting The Howl” is now available on NoiseTrade.com!  It’s an excellent site for sharing music but they’ve recently added ebooks and audio books to their repertoire.

I’ve been playing around with the site since the short was uploaded and it’s a pretty cool place!  It’s a nice, easy site where you can check out all kinds of books and music for yourself.  A lot of it comes from people like me who are just starting out but there are also quite a few experienced people on there, as well.  The ebooks are free, just as long as you provide an email but you can also provide tips if you’d like.  I’m not going to beg, but that’s a pretty nice feature, huh? 😉

I think they’re on to something.  Check it out for yourself!  And check out Hunting The Howl while you’re at it!

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