Hunting The Howl is Free!

“Hunting The Howl: A Creed and Enid Short” is now available for free on, B&N, and Smashwords!  Feel free to check out the 4,000 word short story featuring two of my favorite characters that I’ve ever written about.  I’m getting to the nitty gritty of the follow up novel, the twisted story of how

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Up On NoiseTrade!

“Hunting The Howl” is now available on!  It’s an excellent site for sharing music but they’ve recently added ebooks and audio books to their repertoire. I’ve been playing around with the site since the short was uploaded and it’s a pretty cool place!  It’s a nice, easy site where you can check out all

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Finally up on B&N!

It took a few days to work out some kinks, but “Hunting the Howl” is finally for sale on Barnes & Noble for $0.99! Click here to check it out!