On Finding Out That People Give A D@mn About Sh*t

cursingWhen I put my short story up for sale I immediately warned my entire family that it contained a lot of foul language. I did not mean that it had one or two cuss words, I meant exactly what I said: A LOT of foul language. My characters in that story had the dirtiest sailors’ mouths—F-bombs everywhere!—and I wanted to make sure my family, especially my ninety-year old Grammy, were aware of that before they read it. I thought for sure that all those curse words would make them loose all respect for me. That they were going to be disappointed in me and kick me to the curb, because as the baby of the family (the late-twenties aged baby of the family) I was shaming their name by allowing my characters to spew the ugliest four-letter-words with abandon…

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